Black Pete Gets Real

A graphical contribution to the anti-blackface demonstration i went to.

Also: get ur heads out of ur 1950’s butts ya cathosick family scum. Blackfacing is bad, poisonous, not only during the ‘saint’ nicolas celebration. It’s a state of mind – mental illness if you will – in which it’s OK to ridicule and threaten people who do not belong to the cathosick herd. It has consequences for anyone who is ‘different’ in some way or another and should be fought by all means. Next year, maybe i’m going to put up an Anti Fascist Action flag. I do not have any patience any more for any namecalling or stinkeyes, xenofobes must die.

I noticed that every six years some investigation emerges in which a bunch of cathosick pedofile priests are caught. The cathosick reaction to that is never to bring those a’holes to justice but for cathosicks to rip on ‘strange’ lonely guys like myself. Stop that nonsense or sooner or later the hunt for cathosicks is on, Northern-Irish style.

And to wilders & baudet: i’ve got your boreal bullshit hanging, boys!