Algorithmic Misconduct

Philosophic engineering – some post-social-media-mortem afterthoughts from an electronic inglorious kamikaze bastard

For overĀ  a quarter of a century now, i’ve been engineering. I engineered computers, OS-es, programs, graphics and articles like this one. Computers have always provided me with a sense of safety; if something goes wrong, it’s only my stubborn oldfashioned mind that’s obstructing possible solutions, not the ‘feelings’ of the machine i’m working on or with. They’ve also provided me with a window to the world without collecting too much mental coodies & bugs. I’m not much of hacker (not invasive enough) but i’ve cut steel with computer aid.

The whole ICT-thing fucked me up, but good. I can not trust anyone with too many followers, can’t trust what’s left of the judicial system, can’t trust neighbours or healthcare for making my hayfever, tinnitus and dissident-thing into a mental case. To them i’m that weird old creep who keeps blabbering on about the neccessity for a modicum of selfcontrol – with no technical knowledge whatsoever about how everyone’s being manipulated into something they really don’t want to be. To them, it’s OK to try to make me shut up, to them, the fact that i’m typing this quite fast in the middle of the night is a threat in itself. To me, the things i do are just fun and games though i’m perfectly aware i get distrusted for not being commercial and wanting to be off the grid sometimes, to take time to re-establish my sense of privacy and selfconsciousness.

Even my beloved blogosphere has succombed to the onslaught of ‘free attention’ provided. The only really sensible website to me now is for acknowledging my doomy foresight of imminent death and destruction. How freaking knowledgable is it when a bunch of lemmings is chattering on about from which angle they’re going to take their final selfie when they jump? There is no hope, we’re fighting a lost battle, get over it, try to make some other people than just yourself happy before you die.

‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ is not an option in my case, i’ve become much too willingly weird for that, lethally bored with any kind of xenofobia and no, i do not have to constantly reassure civilians i do not have evil intents because my intents are logic-bomb-style linked to theirs. The fact that you want me to prove my innocence makes you a stalker, gossiper, slanderer, my worst enemy: a freakin’ troll. Back in the 90’ies we did not set out on the internets to get less freedom, equality, democracy and opportunity but more of it. Even the cops are on twitter and no-one has a problem with that – except me. Civil servants get payed to serve, not to be dr. Rockso the rock ‘n roll clown.

One thing i’m sure of: ARM-chips are a thing. It’s in your mobile – let me offer a full HD developers-desktop at a quarter to one tenth of the price of a new mobile phone that’s not infested with third-party spyware. Also: not Intel so no build-in backdoor. If you want to be safe from people like me – let me teach you how to! ‘Do not buy Chinese – it’s cheap crap’ – oh you’d rather be stalked by an american spook than a Chinese one? How’s about learning to make it next to impossible to be stalked?

Also: read comics, articles and books (in that order) – it’s good for ya, way better than 128-character blabber & gossip. Buy Sony noise-cancelling headphones, eat fish, spinach and nuts and take Valerian pills instead of antidepressants. Exorcise! And remember: never get into arguments with idiots, they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

Good Luck!